Tuesday, January 7, 2014

constructions on so many levels.....

Howdy there campers.
This poor, wee blog has been cruelly neglected.
Never fear!
There will be a phoenix arising from the ashes very soon....
I am currently moving the blog to a Wordpress site where I can more happily record the chaos of building, family, life in extra colours, fonts and widgets.

I'm hoping to have it up and running in the next week or so and will let you know as soon as it's operational.  I have my dunce cap on at the moment as I learn the new system - but it promises to be easier in the long term.  Let's hope that proves to be the case.

There are exactly 13 sleeps until work begins on the new house.  Woohoo!

I have to admit that we are all only just, barely hanging in there....
We miss our stuff.
We miss our space.
We miss our beds.
My back may never recover from sleeping in the bed we are in currently.  You can lie on the edge and just roll straight into the middle and come to rest on a nest of springs barely contained through the mattress covering. I'm trying to be Little House on the Prairie about it, but Laura Ingalls I am clearly not.

For those of you who always drop in, put up with my sporadic posts and whining....thank you.  I'm hoping that with the advent of the new site there will be adventures in kid-wrangling, building progress photos and dubious recipes coming to you live from Chez Joyeux which will make you cringe, guffaw in horror and generally make you feel superior.

Love you  more than leftover Christmas ham,

Meredy xo


  1. Love you more than 333's pickles on the left ham sandwiches! Looking forward to the new chapter in Count it all Joy xx

    1. Wow Miss Prudence - them's fightin' words! I love me some 333 pickles! High praise indeed. God bless your cotton socks. M xo

  2. Happy happy new year to you & your family.
    How exciting I cant wait to watch your progress. We have started the earth works on our build as well, it will be slow & painful but so worth it!!!
    Trish xxx

    1. If slow and steady wins the race Trish - we are the CHAMPIONS! Will be eagerly following your progress also:) Stay strong girlfriend. M xo

  3. How exciting, I cannot wait to watch the house building etc unfold....am sure it will much less painful for us the reader than for you, how great that you are getting started though, that must feel wonderful.

    We moved in November, into my in-laws old home which we inherited - everything needs work & we will be adding a loft & an extension....right now only one room has been painted/worked on etc....lots of making do so I feel your pain, although I know your current situation has been more challenging & for much longer than ours will hopefully be!

    Happy 2014....bring on that fabulous new home!! Xx

    1. I've been stalking your site for photos Simone. I can't help but think of it as a delightful Enid Blyton-esque adventure with you all sustaining yourselves with scones and lashings of lemonade! Sorry - but the only photo I've seen so far is of the backyard which looked positively idyllic:) Big hugs lovely friend, M xo

  4. Hi Meredy,
    I am so looking forward to reading about your progress on your beautiful new home ……. it may be a bit difficult now and in the months to come { sorry but there might be a few hiccups ….. best to think of the negative and you will be happily suprised when nothing untoward goes wrong !! } but, just think how WONDERFUL it's going to be when it's all finished ….. so exciting.
    Looking forward to the new made over Count It All Joy too. Lots of love. XXXX

    1. You are a cheerleader par excellence Jacquie:) I am so desperate for the builders to start I won't actually believe it until I see the portaloo arrive. Fingers and toes crossed for whatever comes! M xo

  5. oh ever do I love my Christmas ham. so much so I am considering getting another just because Christmas felt like, in the midst of a heat and drought, not festive enough!
    take the mattress off the bed base, chuck base away and then sleep on mattress on the floor. your back will be thankful. don't ask how I know this.
    Or if the base is ensemble, take mattress off (chuck), lay down underlay, and sleep on the ensemble base. Also don't ask how I know this ;-)

    1. You are a wise, wise woman Sharon. I may indeed end up doing just what you've suggested. I feel about 80! Please tell me you've had some rain?? You've been in my thoughts so much during this drought and heat-wave. I feel like a complete brat in comparison! M xo

  6. And amidst the chaos, the cramped conditions, the and the cabin fever you describe, your home is as warm and as welcoming as it ever was....and all because you are you beautiful Meredy! I am privileged to have been guest in this love-abundant abode!!


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