Tuesday, November 12, 2013

our kitchen plans

My how I've agonised over this room!
It is where we will cook, hang out, do homework, welcome friends, come together at the beginning and end of each day.
Lunches will be made, schedules will be adjusted, birthdays will be celebrated, tears and laughter will be shed.
This room will be the launch pad for the entire family.

So, no pressure to get it right then......ha!

Is there such a thing as "industrial vintage Hampton's"?
I think that's the style of architecture and design I've decided will work best for our family.

A little bit of the aspirational {Hampton's} 
Within our budget, the Hampton's motif is limited to a colour palate and soft furnishings:)

........mixed with a healthy dose of reality 
{vintage industrial}
- in our case, read vintage industrial as being distressed, secondhand and stain-proof.

I'm planning on Tolix chairs for the dining room table.
Probably these ones:

This is the blueprint our "great room":

I'm currently designing our kitchen with Ikea.   So far it looks like this:

The rear wall is 6 metres wide and the island bench is 4 metres.
The tap will be centred also.  It would drive me nuts being off-centre.

I'm splurging on a few items - a 90cm freestanding oven, a double butler's sink and two dishwashers.
Two dishwashers will change our lives.  Ikea have relatively inexpensive ones that can be integrated.  That makes me happy:)

The splashback will be similar to this:

I know grey grout polarises people, but I'm trying to be realistic.  There is no way on God's green earth that I will remember/notice/be bothered to scrub white grout clean every time I cook.  I also happen to love the look of it.

Loving these lights also:

I just can't figure out whether to put the multi-bulb one over the dining room table or the kitchen island.
The island is four metres long, so I might be better to put three lanterns, equally spaced.
An island that long will tend to dwarf one lamp, even if it is rectangular.

I'm trying to bring some black into the room as the roof, rafters, cabinetry and walls will be white.  As lovely as polished nickel lights would look, I'm worried it will look too fancy-schmancy for our style of living and messing.  I like something a little more accessible.

What do you think?

The benchtops we've chosen are....laminex {gasp!!}  I know!  Quelle horreur!  I am deliberately choosing a man-made material on my benchtops because look......

It's laminate!

I know!  It's Wilsonart Carrera Marble Laminex - $99/sq metre.  I've found a place in Sydney which will give me lovely 40mm square edges, no join seam at the edges.  I think they heat wrap it and give it a square edge so it looks like the real thing. You can also lay it on the matte side, not the shiny side so it looks like honed marble and doesn't show scratches so easily.  Guess what happens if you drop vinegar on it?  Nothing.  If it does leave a mark, you can just Gumption it out.  This is going to work well for us.

This is how I can justify a second dishwasher and a butler's sink.

The ceiling of the room will look like this:

This is the rear of the house, with glass doors running all down the side:

So there you go and there you have it.

Our foundations go down in a couple of weeks.  Lots of excavating, mud and messy driveways coming up and I can't wait!

Love you more than my bedazzled gumboots,

Meredy xo


  1. EN....VI....OUS !!!! It's going to be beautiful Meredy ..... you're not going to know yourself....TWO dishwashers !! WOW.
    I have just got white subway tiles but, we have white grout .... still, there are only two of us now { as our children have their own kitchens to clean !! } so not so much mess !!
    I love all of your ideas and plans and it's going to look stunning.
    Looking forward to seeing more. XXXX

    1. Hey Jacqueline - the dishwashers are probably going to be the favourite aspect of the house! I don't even think that's sad:) I'm so happy to be posting again and starting to feel like I'm getting my mojo back. Lovely to hear from you sweet Jacqueline. M xo

  2. Wow this is going to be one amazing kitchen Meredy!
    I love it and I think everything you have chosen looks great.
    Can I ask you about the chairs. We need new chairs and once we have the money were planning on eames replica chairs, but I have only seen these online.
    Having four children we are going to need something sturdy that will last. Is this why you have chosen the tolix ones?
    Love the part on the plan that says mum's wing too :)
    Living vicariously through you in the hopes one day we will be able to afford to do the same in our house.

    1. Hey Kat - I've chosen the Tolix ones because they're stain-resistant, stackable and look better the more scratches and dings they get in them. Yay! The timber seat is important because the all-steel ones would be really cold in winter and would require a cushion. We all know how exciting it is to wash seat cushions every week.... Mum's wing is going to be absolutely beautiful! M xo

  3. I love every thing you have chosen, and thing that you are right - three spread out lights over your island will give you optimum brightness and look great. Lets face it, you want the best light possible when you are chopping and dicing and washing the dishes and doing homework. Dining table can have kinder lighting!

    I'm a fan of the metal tolix style chairs. SO EASY to keep clean and any able to withstand the rigours of unruly children.

    Also living vicariously, this is going to be such a lovely home!

    1. Thanks Sharon! If I had my way there would be candlelight only at the dinner table:) I'll have to settle for a dimmer switch...a girl's best friend. M xo

  4. I am drooling over all of it. WOW. Love your style. It's SO "me" - if I ever had the chance to create a dream kitchen/diner.
    Yum yum yum.

  5. WOWSERS Meredy, its going to be AH-MAZING!!!
    Love your style, we have very similar tastes. Cant wait to watch your home grow!!!

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  7. What a glorious kitchen Meredy!! I have grey grout with white subway tiles! Best decision I ever made!! No scrubbing off spag bog stains on the grout for me!!! Enjoy your new home xxx


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