Monday, November 18, 2013

my {real} christmas letter

I had a thought to do a Christmas letter this year.  I've always been faintly disturbed by Christmas letters.  It's so hard to strike the right note.  Sometimes you get those ones which sound like this: 

"Junior was elected to the Utmost Supreme Leader of the Entire School Community and continues to be a beacon of virtue for his peers.  Although, the poor love has such a dilemma for next year...will he study Medicine or Law?  Our round-the-world trip following his finals was lovely, if exhausting - let's face it, there's only so much comfort that First Class can provide and my Jimmy Choo's were not made for walking! Happily our new home was complete upon our return.  Phew!  We were so afraid the installation of the bathroom marble was going to be delayed.  Apparently there were some visa issues with the Spanish marble carvers who were flown in to do the  hand detailing.  Oh well, every day brings its own little challenges I suppose.   In the end though, these things only make us stronger. "

This is what ours would sound like:

Hi Everyone!

Yes, we're still here.  It's been 14 months since we moved in with Mum in anticipation of the new extension.  God bless her - she swears she doesn't mind what we've done to her cream, pure wool carpet.  She says she has a Shannon Lush book about stains which will no doubt do the trick.  Although we do have doubts about the blueberry smoothie stain in the middle of the living room floor.  Who knew that blueberries turned black?  

The kids have had a great year at school!  They've set new Personal Bests which is SUCH an answer to prayer. As a result, this year they've each managed to keep their detention quota down to single figures.  Not collectively, of course. Individually though, we're giving them each a high five!

In community news, our local village pharmacy which was in danger of going out of business has been saved. Hallelujah! They credit our family's recurrent bouts of lice, bronchitis and four members of our family having epilepsy as the turning point.  Happy days!  Nice to know that our small cloud of challenges has provided some silver lining in the local community. They say they couldn't have staved off bankruptcy without us...which is ironic due to our own financial position following all our pharmaceutical costs. However, 'tis blessed to be a blessing.  

Mum's golden retriever Ben is still going strong - only 12 years young!  He is such a beautiful dog and he loves nothing more than to sit right behind us any time we stand still. It's how he shows his love and affection.  This might sound dangerous - but actually, now that we've all sprained our ankles and learned the hard lesson, we've become quite fit and agile in jumping around him. Even when holding a frying pan full of dinner! Good times. There's a lovely hurdling athletics competition nearby and we think we might as well join in as a family for some bonding time.  If it wasn't for his arthritic legs, I'm sure Ben would love to join in, although his incurable diarrhea makes it difficult to take him out in public.  We never know when it's going to strike!  Keeps us on our toes {and knees!} on Mum's cream carpet I can tell you. LOL!!

Speaking of family bonding time...who knew that 9 people and one bathroom would provide such opportunity for learning?  It's been a handy science exercise for the kids in time and motion.  We now have our daily ablutions down to a fine art with the girls keeping a particularly close eye on proceedings.    The teenagers in the family will no doubt be employed by U.N. Peacekeepers to sort out the Israel/Palestine crisis.  Their ideas of territorial ownership would, I'm sure wear down any opposition.  The younger boys have also learned how to multi-task.  Why use precious time to have a bath and go to the toilet separately when you can actually stand in the bath and aim for the toilet at the same time!This bathroom just works on so many levels.  What a family improver!

The excavations on the extension get underway in two weeks.  It was meant to be sooner, but with all this rain we've been praying for FINALLY  arriving, there are some delays.  Our lovely builder has warned us that perhaps a two week start date is optimistic.  Optimistic!  Tell me about it!  It seems our prayers for rain are working so optimistically that this summer is going to be the wettest in decades!  Praise the Lord!

Anyway, hope you've all had a lovely 2013.  Please don't write and tell me about it.

Meredy xo


  1. Oh, tears of laughter! Christmas letters give me a nervous tick too. :)

  2. awesome!My hubby hates Christmas newsletters but he would love this!

  3. If I send you a nice photo of a very large His and Hers bathroom will you do my Christmas Letter too?

  4. You're the best Meredy.
    I remember in my teens my mum being really upset with a christmas letter one year from her cousin which was just like the top one. CRINGE

  5. Meredy, I think you should print this out, attach one of those lovely family shots and post out to family and friends STAT. I do a Christmas letter/postcard every year, which actually reads quite like yours, I'm deadly serious. I will be SO pleased to report that this years tally of broken bones is NIL, however infectious and slightly rare diseases = FOUR (with one lucky child being a recipient twice). Personally I would far rather receive any sort of letter in preference to a card with just to (me) from(sender).

  6. Hi Meredith, It seems like a zillion years since I commented at your blog since I became an occasional blogger but had to let you know I'm still here following all your adventures and of course I see what you are pinning so I guess it's a safe bet that your new house will not have cream carpet! I just loved this update. I did not send a newsletter last year and think I may have disappointed some relatives and unconnected via social media friends. Thought I would get would get away with it seeing most of the people I know have found me on facebook but I didn't. Thing is this year I do have to tell people and those aunties in England about the son who went and got his degree and managed to get a distinction. I could tell them all the boring stuff but don't think they want to hear that or see the photos of the finger that the same son managed to decimate when using a cordless drill the other week. It's pretty graphic. Tendon damage only which was a miracle seeing how much blood I had to mop up from the floor. Thankfully, we have tiles and not cream carpet! Real dilemma but I can see myself not having time to write the letter as we have to go to Melbourne for the graduation ceremony the week before Christmas. Will be driving down and so wish I could stop off in Sydney and arrange some kind of meet up. I might come to Colour conference in 2014 though - will you be there?
    Thanks for a wonderful and hilarious distraction in my hectic day. I dressed a shop window today in Great Gatsby style - a totally new experience for me. Not every day is like this but is peeling pumpkin for a curry which is what I should be doing now Christmas newsletter worthy?
    P.S can this super long comment count as my Christmas newsletter to you?

  7. Yep, can totally relate to this mate. Apparently our Chrissie Newsletters have become Collectors items - people pull them out when they are going through a crisis & one quick reread of Christmas 2002 at our place quickly puts them right! I used to update the Leader's Board of the boys traffic fines each year, but the collective tutt-tutting of the Perfect Mothers on our list drove me mad. You & me need to go into business writing Real Chrissie Newsletters for a big fee.
    Millie xx

  8. God love you Meredy, you make me laugh!!
    One day we are going to have to meet in person, because I am sure I do not know anyone funnier or with a better take on life in a large family than you dear lady.
    My husband also hates those Christmas letters with a passion. I think he would love yours!
    Again I say WHEN are you going to write a book?!! It would be a best seller and many Mum's would buy it.
    You are awesome!!

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  10. Gotta leave that last spam comment up from scungy 'm urainy', it's a classic!!! You don't need to visit their site mate, you are living it!
    M xx


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