Friday, February 8, 2013

growing pains

Well this is awkward.
I haven't blogged in so long I just don't know where to start or what to say.

Hmm, been mainlining the coffee and reading blogs but not so much with the writing and the posting thingie.
Can I distract you with a vignette while I get my thoughts together?

It turns out that I am quite the creature of habit and home and I think I'm suffering a sort of homesickness.  Living with Mum is  working far better in a confined space than we could have hoped {mainly due to her stoicism and good humour!} and we all get on famously, however, I miss my home.  It seems I rely heavily on routine and the comfort and familiarity of my own nest to feel "right".  So this is quite a stretch.  Funnily enough I'm currently doing a bible study on "Identity".  Strip away the scaffolding of routine, material possessions, habits, adventures in upcycling and what are you left with?

Me.  Feeling a little like a fish out of water and a bit vulnerable.  Learning to do more with less.  Learning to be patient in a small space.  Learning to be gracious at little ones who are trying really, really hard but just don't get the connection between Nanny's cream carpet and pasta sauce.  Asking forgiveness from my mum, Dave, the kids as I try to run a new household with a new dynamic.

Being the brat that I am, I am struggling to cook on a four-burner electric cook top when I'm used to firing up the six-burner gas behemoth with the 90cm oven.  Mum's oven has one little shelf.  You should see me cook roast chicken and vegies - it's like Jenga in there.  Hey kids, let's see if we can move the roasting pan without flipping over the vegies and giving ourselves 3rd degree burns.  See?  Brat.  

On the up side.  I have discovered a new folding routine.  I can now sit in the garage {our bedroom} put the TV on and watch "Breaking Bad" in complete privacy while I fold.  Good times.  

In a nutshell, I've been so busy just getting through the workload of keeping everyone happy, fed, clothed and clean that I haven't had time to post on the blog.  I spend time on Pinterest which, let's face it, is the best because you feel like you're doing something constructive and can look genuinely industrious whilst searching recipes, natural cleaning tips and craft with kids.  In reality it's probably making me covetous and will result of me being incapable of original thought.  But I'm having so much fun I just don't care.

House Update:

Plans are still in council and believe it or not apart from needing some identification on some trees, they have passed everything!!  We can't believe it.  Admittedly, the tree scenario might throw a spanner in the works, but our architect has assured us he has another plan up his sleeve if the trees have to stay.  Realistically, it would be amazing for everything to get through without the slightest hitch.  We count ourselves BLESSED!!

I don't even know what this is {above}.  Crochet thingamies of happiness.
They just look so adorable I wanted to share them with you.

And this.  How divine.  
Some girls are so clever.  
Good for them.

My mojo shall return.  It is just experiencing some growing pains whilst I learn what and who I am when I'm not surrounded by reassuring homewares touchstones and the domestic equivalent of a comfort "blankie".

Love you more than a new season of Mad Men.

Meredy xo


  1. well, we've missed you enormously. Even if you apparently have "nothing" to say, you've still managed to entertain. And I love the peace definition...hard to achieve!

  2. Hi Meredy,
    Well, no wonder you haven't been blogging for a while ....... you must be up to your eyes in it !! I should think that, with a family as big as yours, it must take some adjusting to, moving in with your mum. Mind you, it must be lovely to be able to spend so much time with her and she must be delighted to have you both and all of her grandchildren with her.
    Enjoy Pinterest and just post when you have a second. We do all miss your wonderful sense of humour. XXXX

  3. I hear you and I so understand. You are the MamaShip! And you need your home. But for's a dream (reality soon!) on paper. I went through this too, when we had to sell the "house of our dreams" and move into a rental for 6 months building the house we had to have in a suburb I'd not choose if I could help it.
    So my friend, I think you've nailed it. Homesick while you are waiting for a home. And in the mealtimes Team Count It All Joy is exasperatingly needing things like money. Notes for the teacher and school lunches! Honestly. The hide.
    Always up for a chat. I need to really get into pinterest properly. I'm trying to sort it for the blog and using it as a resource for parents & teachers.
    Love YOU more than a Physio session with Dave
    Denyse xx

  4. So lovely to hear from you Meredy, you are always missed. Do hope your Christmas was lovely, and we can enjoy further updates of family life 'Chez Joy' style. Now go crochet yourself a bowl full of happiness, I'm sure you've nothing else to do!

  5. Missed your humourous insights Meredy.
    It is a phase of adjustment for you and one you will get through.
    Sometimes in these moments there are lessons to learn. Not always easy to identify at the time though.
    As Taureans love our own homes and space.
    I love the quote about Peace.
    Am in my own adjustment phase with Ruby, my baby of four kiddo's off to Kinder last week. (5 full days a fortnight she will be away from me)
    She was fine, but I sobbed the loud and ugly cry all the way home and then some.
    Letting go and moving to the next's hard!!
    Hugs to you funny lady.xx

  6. Lovely to hear your Voice From The Shed. And don't worry 'bout your Pinterest addiction, all of it is keeping your New House creativity at it's peak. Bless all the little Joys for maintaining such goodness at Nana's house, I hope a well topped-up treat jar is always in easy reach.
    Millie xx

  7. Oh darling Meredy. It's such a tonic to have you back here. I have truly missed you. I think you're coping admirably under trying conditions. I'm crossing everything crossable about the tree ID saga. Hugs from Hobart J x

  8. Hello, you've still got mojo! Missed your blogs. Hmmm house shrinkage I'm joining you. We're moving into a camper trailer for six months. Luckily it has a gas cooker. Ill need your blogs to keep me sane. Alas Pinterest isn't happening as we'll have reduced Internet access. Kids are seriously going to miss Skype. Hugs to your Mum xo

  9. Hopefully once the building begins your mind will be so occupied with excitement that your current living situatuation angst will be minimalised..Good luck!!

  10. As Taureans love our own homes and space.I love the quote about Peace.Am in my own adjustment phase with Ruby, my baby of four kiddo's off to Kinder last week. She was fine, but I sobbed the loud and ugly cry all the way home and then some.


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