Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Happy New Year Bloglandians!
2012 was a bit meh towards the end so I'm super-excited to embrace all that 2013 promises.
It's going to be full of challenges - building a house, planning an overseas trip for a family wedding, balancing work/family/friends/church/sport.

Just for shiggles I've given up sugar and wheat.
I know.  Very disturbing.
Desperate measures my friends.
I have not, however, given up coffee.
We are like swans and mated for life.

To distract me I've been focusing on these things:

a new stack of books which I've been working through daily.  Due to my adult acquired ADD, I get bored reading just one at a time.  Loving these!

Mum and I are doing a devotion from Jesus Today every morning and then praying.  She's a very wise and experienced Christian and it's been a joy and delight to be able to spend time with her each morning getting our day started right.  It also keeps me accountable and helps me get into the habit of doing this.  Of course, it's with a cup of coffee, little people poking their heads in asking for lost things etc, but it doesn't matter.  It's good for them to see the womenfolk a-prayin'. {Haha...some days their livelihoods depend on it!}

Brotherly love.
Precious boys.
Lucky mama.

He's so hipster, I'm sure he'll want a typewriter next Christmas.

My girls can braid!  I am the most hopeless hair styling type person ever.  All I can do for my girls is a ponytail and a ballet bun.  They've taught themselves and lucky me, when I go out Missy Moo often insists on doing my hair for me.  

Bugsy and Ben.
Poor Ben, he gets loved from Bugsy within an inch of his life.

Lots more to tell, will endeavour to update more consistently this year.

We're meeting with another builder this Friday.
You know how fraught with danger that can be for me and my unfortunate turn of phrase.  Fingers and toes I will not bring shame upon myself yet again.

Love you more than my 2013 planner,

Meredy xo


  1. Oh Meredy,
    Your photos are wonderful ...... you have the lovliest family.
    It sounds like you will be having an exciting and busy 2013 which is as it should be,
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful, healthy and peaceful 2013 filled with love and kindness and, most of all, fun. Much love. XXXX

  2. ha you are awesome. Happy new year to ya x

  3. Soooooo relieved to hear you are including sport in the balance Meredy-moo ....... I know how you love your sport.....bahahahaha!! On a serious note, I want in on that daily devotion! You and the beautifully wise DB, what a combination! xx

  4. I don't do fancy hair either. Lucky for me my oldest Ella does her hair and Miss Ruby's. Win win!!
    I absolutely love that last pic of Bugsy with Ben.
    Aw what a beautiful golden retriever...even if he does eat guinea pigs was it? Oh dear...
    Loving our new puppy here too. Retrievers are perfect family dogs.
    Had to lol at the comment re the builder. Maybe you need to rehearse your words beforehand to avoid said shame. Hee hee.
    Love your posts that always make me smile :)

  5. Meredy it would not be living, if we didn't get to laugh along with you at something undoubtedly hilarious! Mind you however you put it, it always makes me laugh. Totally relate to the book reading ADD, I think I have it too, one is never enough, you always need many on the go at once :) Love to you beautiful x


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