Monday, December 10, 2012

tempus fugit

It's been a year of watching my babies grow up, trying hard to be gracious in letting go and embracing change.
After being in "Babyville" for so long, it was hard to imagine a life without nappies, bottles, nap times and high chairs.
Would I enjoy it as much?  
Would teenagers be the finish of me, as everyone warns?
Would turning 40 be the final straw?

Well, yes.....and no.

I can't believe how much I'm enjoying the teenage years with Jack and Mimi.  There are the normal challenges of course, but I hadn't expected the level of intelligent, thought provoking conversation {sorry guys if you're reading this...just being honest}.

Watching them navigate friendships, faith and Facebook in these morally challenging times has been fascinating and humbling.  Let's face it my friends, we in no way had the relentless social pressure in our teenage years like these guys.  I'm watching in increasing despair at so many of their cohort who are falling into approval hungry performers on Facebook. Watching them walk that narrow line also, sometimes perhaps stepping over it. I worry for their friends' mental health if they ever make so much as the tiniest word/wardrobe/moral choice that goes against their peers expectations.  How are these kids going to survive the workplace without their bosses "liking" every move they make?

Anyhoo, off my soapbox.
The teenagers have {so far} not been the finish of me.
Although, our tweens Lucy and Missy Moo are definitely doing their best to win a war of attrition.
Lucy has learned the hard way to not Google on my iPhone "how to get a belly piercing without your parents finding out".  True story. 
The dilemma!  Do we confront her about it, or do we not tell her and let her keep Googling without covering her tracks so we can keep up with what she really wants to find out?  Wish King Solomon was on speed-dial.

We ended up talking among ourselves within her earshot about how much belly-piercing is supposed to hurt and horror stories of belly rings being ripped out after being caught in belts and buttons.  

As for time flying when you're having fun - here's Bugsy:

I know.  My baby.
He's so hipster now.
This is while we were out Christmas shopping yesterday.  He kept them on.

From the youngest to the oldest.
Mimi all ready for her Year 10 formal.
I love that she chose a feminine dress.
She has a boyfriend now. {Pray for me!} In the interests of privacy I haven't included him here.
He's lovely and as it turns out, lived the first 12 years of his life in a village in Ghana.  His parents are missionaries and completely inspiring and I can't help but feel slightly inadequate in their presence.  I have a bad feeling that the minute Mimi finishes uni, she's going to be on a plane to Africa.  That's her plan anyway. {Pray for me!}

Interesting times in our household I guess.
Lots of changes.
Milestones are being reached.
Boundaries are being challenged.
Seams on my jeans are being stretched:)

There are challenges aplenty, but joy as always can be found in the most unexpected places.
A dishwasher being emptied without asking....
A cup of tea delivered when you least expect it....
A little hand seeking mine in the busy-ness of a shopping adventure....
A hug from a child who has grown taller and stronger than myself...

Love you more than my Christmas shopping list being ticked off,

Meredy xo


  1. Meredy, Oh my goodness, could she be any more beautiful. Stunning dress. Hearing you on the teenagers, my 16 year old is a joy, til he's not. Ha. But in the scheme of things, he amazes me everyday. His girlfriend is an asset & the best thing to happen to US during these rocky days. She is all one would hope for in a daughter, so we are thrilled. The tweenies are where the real parenting comes in. Just keep picking them up & placing them on the right track. Can't wait to see your house pictures. Love Niki x

  2. What a lovely post.
    I too struggled with my children growing. I loved being a preschool mum. I just plain LOVED it. I had done it for ten years and I did not want that to change. it was who I was. BUT I am learning to love each new phase.. And I do love the bigger people they are growing to be.

    1. Oh this is me at the moment Alisa.
      My oldest is 10, then 8,6 and 4.
      My baby heads to school five days a fortnight next year and like you I have also loved being a stay at home Mum.
      How am I going to ajust to no more little ones home with me all day?
      I also do not want it to change.
      Hopefully like you I can learn to love each new phase.
      Thanks I really appreciate reading your words :)

  3. Mimi is spectacular, God bless her. Love Bugsy, as ever. ♥

  4. Just gorgeous Meredith, all of it.
    From the day I brought my first babe home I've been wanting to freeze time, and I eventually worked out that it's ALL good, every stage. Love it all.
    Merry Christmas to you Meredy.

  5. Your Daughter is beautiful, and YOU should take that as a compliment, that she has reached adulthood relatively unscathed means your parenting has been a success, must have been all the praying!

  6. Wow that's a lot to process and lots of changes going on for you.
    I am sure you are handling it all with your usual grace and good humour Meredy.
    Gee and I thought the idea of my baby of four heading to school five days a fortnight was hard!! (for me that is, not her.)
    It's going to be a big adjustment, but your post makes me realise that there are a lot more changes to come.
    I guess we need to embrace the chaos and love each moment huh?
    Oh and your daughter looks stunning in a very classy Audrey Hepburn kind of way. Very impressed at her style. Nice one Mimi!!

  7. wow, gorgeousness.
    you give me hope Meredy, and always a smile on my dial when i visit here

  8. a post of christmas miracles! Wonderful stuff! Merry Christmas lovely

  9. Oh Meredy, Mimi just looks delightful. You clever mama for getting her so far. I can't imagine what that must feel like ☺. Sending you a huge ♥. J x

  10. Watching your kids grow up is a amazing experience.



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