Saturday, December 22, 2012

house/life update

Hmm, seemed my Christmas spirit hasn't extended to the blog as much as I'd thought.
Presentation nights and Christmas concerts will do that to a person.  The kids say it's been totes heckers.{translation for those of you over 16...totally hectic}.

"Forgive us our Christmases,
As we forgive those who Christmas against us".

This, I heard, from an 80 year old African missionary.  So we're absolutely allowed to use it.

Although, happily the last few days have been filled with social gatherings with old friends and all of our rapidly maturing children.  Feeling a little bit teary about the joyful passing of the years.  Same groups of people, dearly held traditions at this time of year, but those beloved faces and lives of all of our children are changing, beautifully growing and we all have so much to be grateful for.  I'm thankful for good friends who forgive us our idiosyncrasies and weirdness and don't mind sharing their own.

We hosted Mimi's 16th birthday party with 40+ 16 year old girls last Saturday night.  They were all very tall, very slim and very glamorous.  Although not to be outdone, Jane {Mimi's godmother and my oldest friend} and I couldn't stop ourselves from busting a few moves 80's style on the dance floor much to Mimi's horror.  We're talking arms in the air, sprinkler style. was a moment in time.

As if that wasn't enough fun and frivolity for us daggy middle-agers, we had our work Christmas party the next day on a cruiser on Pittwater.  Again, the blessings abound.  Our staff are not staff.  We do life together.  They are precious, beautiful, valued.   They embrace us and our short-comings and they love our children.  What more could we possibly want?


The big news of this week {other than the Mayan's being totes wrong about the apocalypse} is that our house plans have been submitted to council.  Now is the time to lay hands on these plans like a preacher at a tent revival.  Can I get an A-men!  We've had a wonderful meeting with the neighbours on all sides which went extremely well and although I had chocolate and alcohol on hand, in the end it wasn't necessary.  All were relieved that we're not planning a two-storey dwelling, so we're hoping that they'll be no objections.

I actually can't believe that we can truly, rooly say "Our plans are with council".  Such braggers...  Our architect Gus is extremely kind and clever and has protected and guided us through the whole process.  He also looks like he stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad, or belongs to the Kennedy clan.  He and I agree on skirting boards and their necessary height.  Clearly, it's a special connection.

And then there's Shane....
Mum is convinced that we're going to use a builder called Shane.  You see, she meets lovely Shane's everywhere she goes.  When she needed to remove scrap metal from my father's workshop a couple of month's ago "Shane" helped her and was so kind to her - wouldn't let her lift a thing and paid a really good rate.  Then when she wanted to get smoke alarms for the entire house "Shane" at Bunnings gave her the low-down on the best ones at the best value and told her that the local Fire Brigade will come and install them for free.  So Mum dutifully rings the local Fire Brigade and they say "Yes, we'll pop out tomorrow morning".  Guess who turns up?  Another "Shane".  Shane's are just good people obviously.  Actually, my friend Rachel {whose gorgeous, beautiful blog is HERE.....with the most moving Christmas message HERE} is married to the rockin' Rev. Shane.  She knows I speak truth.

The colours....
From what I can tell, "greige" is a very easy colour to live and grow with.  It can accomodate pops of primary, pastel or neutral shades happily.  More so than beige.  If I was more confident with my use of colour I would probably go with a beige and white trim, but there's too much margin for error so I think I'll stick with greige.

Sort of like this:

Actually, exactly like this.  This is the material we're building in.  It's called Scyon - with white trim as shown above.  I'm imagining some glossy black details somewhere...front door perhaps?  Otherwise it will be far too monotone.  I have great plans for hydrangeas also....but let's take things one step at a time.

The cushions...
As for cushions both inside and out.....they are my dream.  I can't even imagine a time just yet when I will be able to buy cushions because 1. the house will be finished and 2. I will have the budget for them.  So, my friends, it will be a red letter day when I start scattering cushions.  Such first world problems.

These are cute.

as are these...

Girl's gotta dream.


Thinking of making this for Christmas Day:

Weird or yummy? 
 I love that as a cooking sub-heading.

On this busy Saturday before Christmas - this is my wish for you:

Love you more than my roller skates when I was 10,

Meredy xo


  1. "totes heckers" made my eyes cross and my brain hurt, lol.

    I want to see the "Sprinkler". I don't think I remember that at all.

    I love the "Greige" (Did laugh at that, actually).I read somewhere recently that Benjamin Moore's Silver Fox (here: is considered among the very best colours to use. There are a lot (if you go back and click on grays, you'll see heaps of Greige). :)

    I love some of these colours (Found them when I was trying to find the Benjamin Grey. I still can't find the article I saw only a couple of days ago. Frustrating)

  2. Love, love, love the colour you have chosen! It will look fabulous and perfect with a gloss black front door!!! x

  3. Also - at this point, I'm prepared to BEG you to tell me how you made that flipboard. I've just wasted (didn't feel wasted) hours on it!

  4. Happy Christmas, dear Meredith, to you and all the family! Here's a plan: buy the cushion covers now and have a ceremonial filling with inners as soon as you move in. Unstuffed, they are so small that no one will notice how many you're accumulating.

    And many luxe wishes to Mimi on her 16th.

  5. Merry Christmas Meredy, what a lovely little adventure you will have with your renovation! May Shane the Builder eventuate for you... !


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  7. totes love your use of teenybop slang! :) House plans sound ravishing. May your cushion gathering and scattering come quicker than imagined. I'm sure you'll scatter with great style and joy!

  8. M you my friend have the sweetest of hearts!!! And the best style. love the griege.... Totally go with Shane {Great name, all the best men are named Shane}

    As for the fruit salad, that will just get in the way of the chocolate...

    Lots of love to you xx

  9. DEar Meredy,
    Sorry it's been so long ....... seem to have been a bit lax on the commenting !!!!
    Sounds as if you and the family have been very busy lately ..... can't wait to see everything that you do decorating wise !
    ........ and, it's a close call as to wether I love you more than my Jacko roller skates !!!!!!!!!! Lets say it's a tie !!
    Wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful Christmas......enjoy every minute. Much love. XXXX

  10. Of course the Council will approve Chez Joy Mk. 11 - they know the future of a VIG (Very Important Blog) is riding on the nod being given. Love your comment about The Hedge - A Sitcom, we've been trying to get a network to pick it up for years. The only issue with that would be all the kids would have to move home again to give the writers oodles of fodder. I would then become a catonic mute wreck. Hope your Christmas was spectacular.
    Millie xx


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