Monday, December 3, 2012

christmas style

I'm essentially taking a style pass this Christmas as all my usual decorations and faux-winter paraphernalia are taking time-out in pod storage. {I can't help but visualise them all sad and forlorn in a neglected shipping container without even the benefit of the Mariah Carey Christmas album for company}.

That however doesn't prevent me from living vicariously through friends and Pinterest.  My friend Kathy is a sewing and homemaking genius, and I just HAVE to share with you her theme for this Christmas.  Remember folks, it's summer here {how did y'all survive Friday and Saturday in Sydney???  40oC!! It was so bad I broke into Yiddish "Oy vey, I'm schvitzing here"  Don't know why I do this...}.  Anyhoo, here are some of Kathy's lovely plans for Christmas:

She has all her family coming for Christmas lunch and she's chosen a selection of serving bowls in the styles and sizes above.  You can get them HERE. 

She has also sewn beautiful napkins for each guest in a mix of Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler fabric.  These above aren't exactly the ones she's chosen, but it gives you a sense of how it's all going to look.

Groovy girl she is, she has also sourced vintage aluminium tumblers for drinks.

I know.  Amazeballs.

This will all be set at an alfresco table with matching bunting hanging from the verandah rafters.  Divine!!  So summer-y, pretty and fresh.  

Did I also mention she has three blond haired boy cherubs aged 6, 2 & 1?  They're also divine.


Another friend of mine applies her stylish ways to the manner in which she conducts her Christmas shopping.  She books a hotel room in the city for a few herself.  No kids, no husband....just a king size bed, a spa, a Christmas shopping list and a glass of champers at the end of the day.

Can you imagine?

She shops for a couple of hours, takes the bags back to her room.  Has lunch, a cool drink, time to think clearly so she doesn't make any impulse purchases or miss anybody out.  Then when she's refreshed and ready she ventures out again.
Repeat until done.
I know.
I want to do that too.
Just once.
I think of her every year as I'm standing in a queue in Target or KMart and their air-conditioning has failed yet again.  Maybe if I go without takeaway cappuccino's for a whole year I could afford to do it. Worth it??  You bet.


I braved IKEA the other day and was rewarded with an easy car spot {yay!} and a relatively calm IKEA crowd {double yay!}.  They had a fabulous range of Christmas lovelies.  Here are some things that I picked up:

Not this. Although I really, really wanted to.  Knowing the Goofballs as I do they would have knocked it flat to use as a grass sled down a hill or tried to fly it off Mum's rear balcony as an aeroplane within the hour.  Isn't it just gorgeous though?

I did, however, purchase some cheap as chips wrapping paper.  Lots of brown stripey paper to team with happy Christmas-y ribbons.

This is a terrible representation, but these fabric garlands are incredibly sweet and handmade-looking.  I bought the red and white stripes and the red and white polka dots.  The grey and white is also wonderfully Scandi-stylish, but I'm a traditionalist at heart.  It's gotta be red.

For home-cooking presents for friends:

Set of three tins for $9.99.  


Are you loving A Moody Christmas on the ABC? 
 I'm addicted.  Can't wait to see what happens next week.

You can watch the whole series on iView.
{Um, really, really not appropriate for kids....maybe you can distract them with Elf on DVD?}


It's Mimi's Year 10 formal this evening.  I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so quickly!  I'll share photos of the big occasion as soon as poss.  Must go now and make sure I get her to the hair and make up appointment.  Thankfully it's a cool day today, so there should be minimal drama from all the sixteen year olds who would otherwise be freaking out over drooping hair styles and running make-up.  Corsages have made a huge seriously sweet is that??  

Can you believe the scary reports about climate change at the moment?  The permafrost is melting all over the shop and the latest climate predictions are making Al Gore and his documentary look like Pollyanna.  More reason than ever before to get my tuck shop lady arms under control.  It seems we're all going to be wearing sleeveless summer dresses all year round.  We might have no fresh water and no longer be allowed air-conditioning, but what I'll be worried most about is how I look in spaghetti straps.  Vanity, thy name is woman....or specifically, Meredy.

Love you more than a fresh roll of sticky tape in gift wrapping frenzy,

Meredy xo


  1. LOVE that summery christmas decor... perfect for a downunder christmas. We are having lunch at the folks this year for the first time in nearly a decade so I won't have any control over tablescapes or accessories... I will just pin the ones I'm drolling over and tell myself, One Day.
    (P.S. how sensible/clever is your hotel-shopper friend??)

  2. I love all of the Christmas dishes your friend has picked out - beautiful and appropriate for us Southern California girls too! Your hotel shopping friend is a genius - I want to experience her type of shopping one day! xxoo

    Love it all!!
    Will be heading to Alfresco asap- I have been lusting after these bowls!!
    Have my sewing frenzy happening here already - so tick! heading to IKEA tomorrow with my big gal as she finishes school today- another tick!

    Hope your girl has an amazing night and looking forward to photos...

    Melissa x

  4. Oh you make me laugh sooo much!! I love reading your posts xxxx


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