Friday, November 16, 2012

le garage

Welcome to our humble abode.
We like to call it "Le Garage".
Or the Passion Pit.
My friend Beck calls it the bunker.
Whatever we call it, it's being very good to us.
Dave and I are sleeping in here, with the other kids dispersed throughout the other bedrooms.  Three in one room, two in another, Mimi with her own room.  Pays to be the eldest sometimes!
We joked with Mum the other day that actually, we were so incredibly comfortable did we really need to build??
The look on her face was priceless. 
Poor thing.

Check out my state-of-the-art wardrobe joinery!
I found some old curtain rods under the house and got my brother-in-law to turn it into some hanging space.   God bless him.  Being able to see all your hanging things at once certainly has its merits, albeit not for the minimalists among us.  
Turns out I love a stripe.  Navy, white and black also loom large in my life 'twould appear. 
 Thank heavens for the magic that is the scarf.

And in this corner Ladies and Gentlemen, our bed.
You might like to note that on the right hand side of the photo you can see our conveniently located fridge.
And yes.  The kids do love to swing off the handrailing straight onto our bed.  And if I'm feeling a little silly, sometimes I do too.  It's my childhood home, I'm obviously regressing.

There's the rest of the fridge.
I'll not have any jokes about cracking open a cold one thank you very much.

Cushioning must be present regardless of circumstance, correct?
A home is not a home without some determined cushioning.
These shelves used to hold all manner of insecticides, motor oil and house paint.
Much to my children's dismay I picked up the antique white paint can once again and gave the shelves a rough once over.
It drives them mad! {which is an added bonus}  
Jack, who is now 14:
  "Mum, for the love?!  Does everything have to be painted white?"
"Why yes, darling.  Everything that is unpleasing to the eye.
Come close cupcake....let me see if you could benefit from a coat?"

One must always make room for one's favourite things.
Mustn't one?

This is where we can have some private movie watching time so that we're not always on top of each other in mum's living area.  Works well.

This, my friends, is the view from the back door of Le Garage and where we are going to be building.
It's hard to get a sense of proportions from this angle, but Mum's block of land is about one third of an acre {don't know what that translates to in metric!}.  

We're meeting the neighbours with Gus the architect in the next few weeks to chat about our plans and any concerns they might have before we go to council.  Then next week we have our very first meeting with a prospective builder!  Eeek!  
Any tips for not coming across as a complete novice?


How are things in your corner of the world?
Read any good books?
I've been frustrated in the novel department lately, although I have heard that The Language of Flowers is very good.  Feel free to recommend something at will:)

Love you more than my curtain rods,
Meredy xo


  1. It all looks very lovely, and cozy. At my place you're more likely to be sprayed Yellow - but it's the same thing isn't it!!

  2. I am way behind here have a cozy pad and I am sure some of your favourite family memories will happen just as it is. You must have moved since I last visited...I will have to do a bit of back surfing to catch up!

    Enjoy these days Meredy...they will be some of your most cherished...

    Jeanne xx

  3. Loved Jeanne's comment - that ain't the half of it mate!! MOTH has just keeled over with jealousy - a fridge within striking distance of the bed, HEAVEN! A spot on the party bus is waiting for you over at The Hedge Meredy. xx


  4. The Language of Flowers is wonderful - well worth a read. Also very good is The Night Circus.

  5. WOW, how exciting!!!!

    Your new temporary space looks so SUPER-organised, am so are clearly channelling Martha Stewart and have been studying Pinterest organisation images with serious dedication!!

    Great plans Meredy, am very excited for you - and impressed that you made the decision to move & then acted on it pretty quickly. Cannot WAIT to see the finished home :)

    Loving your comment about the white paint - and Millie's comment above made me laugh too!! XX


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