Friday, November 2, 2012

getting there...

We've moved.
We're in and so, so happy.....and relieved.
It has been an exercise in perseverance, patience and {embarrassingly} de-cluttering worthy of its own  cable show. {Tentatively titled "Why do Bad People Happen to Good Houses?"}

Dave and I feel as though we have shed a skin.  A skin that was keeping us bogged down in unnecessary distractions and which detracted from our daily lives being lived with calm and clarity.
It's hard to be calm and think clearly when you're trying to assemble five different school uniforms, dance wear, cricket whites and sports uniforms and their matching shoes each day and can't remember which pile you left them in, or if indeed they have even been washed!

We've given away or thrown out all our furniture except for our dining room and kitchen tables and chairs, some bookshelves, a hall console table and our beds.

.Bags and bags and bags of clothes have gone to the Salvation Army shop.  I even tried to give them our lovely cappuccino machine, which was in perfect working order, but we've switched to a pod system and no longer need it.  Can you believe they wouldn't take it because I didn't have the stainless steel jug that goes with it to froth the milk?  Seriously, you can buy them for $3!  The manager felt that no one would want it without the jug, even though it was only two years old, polished stainless steel and in perfect order.  I was so embarrassed.....don't know why, but I apologised for being so thoughtless as to forget to include the jug.   She looked at me as if to say "Quite right.  And don't let it happen again!".  Head down, I slunk back to the Bongo Bus reassuring my faithful little cappuccino machine of a more welcoming home.

Anyhoo, I digress.
The important thing is that less really IS more!

More room to  b  r  e  a  t  h  e................

More room to create

More time to do this:

and this:

We needed to pare down to make room for all of the above.  Our schedule is still waaaay too busy, but we have a large family, so some things just aren't going to change, no matter how much domestic goddess-ery I employ.

I'm also trying to be more discerning with my Pinterest boards {the horror!}.  I should be thinking about recycled water tanks, hot water systems and site preparation.  It's really, really hard to stay focused.   How can I be expected to think of such things when I'm being confronted with such interior deliciousness on a daily basis??

from HERE

The kids are settling into the new routine beautifully and life for them seems to carry on with nary a hiccough. Mum is improving beautifully and is getting around much, much better these days.  She is incredibly excited about the house plans, which include substantial cosmetic renovation to her home.  It's really been a new lease on life for her.  Better than moving to a retirement village!  As she says, "They're full of old people".

We met with The Gusmeister {our architect} on Wednesday evening.  He continues to blow us away with his attention to detail and creativity.  I love the simplicity of his design and the big open central room which will welcome our friends and family.  Bring. It. On.

Can't wait to share this journey with you.

Love you more than my skip bin,

Meredy xo


  1. Was hoping for a Friday update. Glad you're moved (and settled)?, look forward to watching your new home emerge.

    1. Thanks Fiona - we are pretty settled actually. It's interesting being back in the home I grew up in....although I now keep seeing it through the eyes of the new plans. Exciting! M xo

  2. Ah was just thinking about you and wondering how you were.
    Wow I feel tired just thinking about moving 8 people and all of their stuff.
    Nice work on the big de-clutter!
    Does this mean you get to buy *new* furniture? Woohoo!!
    I am so enjoying living vicariously through you Meredy :)
    Now please tell me that you remembered to do your special belated 40th celebration in amongst all of this?!
    Lovely to hear that your Mum is doing so well too.

    1. Oh does mean new furniture - woo-hoo!! However, we have a very, very tight budget, so all I can say is "God bless Ikea!". 40th..hmm, not so much. I'm thinking now of a house warming. I'm a lucky girl. I can live without the memory of a 40th b'day do. A house warming will sit better with me anyway...more about the entire family, less about just me. M xo

  3. I can't believe the Salvo's turned away a perfect coffee machine.... that is disgraceful. Glad to hear your Mum is doing well. xx

    1. I know! Outrageous. When I think of my loyal little cappuccino machine and all we've been through in the mornings together.... It's gone to a good home now though, so all's well that ends well:) Hope all well with you and your lovely ones. M xo

  4. soooo excited for you and slightly envious of your radical decluttering.

    1. Feeling quite the beacon of domestic virtue. Some things don't change laundry mountain is still threatening an avalanche:) M xo

  5. Oh yeah, and what the HECK was with the lady at the sallies??? Unreal.

    1. And why was I apologising?? What was that about? I should have told her if she thought she was getting my pedi-spa she could just forget it!

  6. Hi Meredy,
    WOW ..... what a busy time you are having !!!! Wishing you all so many happy times in your new home and look forward to seeing photos !
    Much love. XXXX

  7. yaaaay!!!! So great to see you! SMOOCHES from the other hemisphere.

  8. Hello Gorgeous Soooo wonderful to read all this. I am so impressed at all that decluttering. We still have unpacked boxes from our move in June 2011. Hmm. Do email me your new address as I have something for you! J x

  9. Enjoy!! Just be forewarned ... it clutters back up very quickly! I have found I have to be super vigilant and proactive! Can't wait to hear more!! :)


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