Wednesday, November 28, 2012

getting my cheer on!

Be warned.  As we are currently in between  Chez Joy's and all my Christmas paraphernalia is packed into a storage pod {so sad}, this blog will most likely become the target of my Christmas attentions.

This is just an opening salve thanks to your friend and mine, Pinterest.
Here's my Christmas board if you're interested:)

This album will be on high rotation this Christmas:

 Love you more than marshmallow in hot chocolate,

 Meredy xo


  1. Oh so LOVE Christmas. And Pinterest.
    And those gingerbread star cupcakes!

  2. SO pretty, especially the wreath and the printable, and the vintage jar, so all of it really...

  3. Love your pickies and just bought the album M!!

    LOVE IT!!!

    Happy pinning- hope you get your fix!

    Melissa x

  4. oh my giddy aunt, two posts in one week! I am undone. Love the Ball jar. I am nowhere near Christmas prep, as I am still trying to fold laundry. Oy.


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