Sunday, November 25, 2012

faux pas, faux ever

If you ever read here that I'm having a meeting which involves speaking to a builder or any type of construction type person, please feel free to pray for me, light a candle, send me good vibes, whatever you think might work.  I need all the help I can get.

{lovely timber floor and stuff.}

We have just had our very first meeting with a prospective builder, along with the architect and I did not cover myself in glory.

That is,  I'm assuming the sentence "You're sure he won't mind if I just start licking his wood?"  is not considered the ideal way to portray oneself as a professional, sober-minded, no-nonsense client.

In my defence, the builder had just suggested a timber supplier whom he thought would have a great selection of wood flooring and the best way to see what colour it would turn out is to spit on the timber.  Do you see what I did?  I took a perfectly sensible piece of advice and completely innocently {I pinky promise swear!!} turned it into a stomach churning, blush-inducing double entendre.  You could have heard a pin drop.  I was wondering why all the men at the table were looking at me with a "what the??" look on their faces.   I'm still DYING just thinking about it 48 hours later.  I will be forever grateful that Dave, against his normal form, bit his tongue until it bled and didn't run with it.  He loves me. 

I think this whole building a house scenario is going to be an exercise in humiliation on a previously unimagined scale.  And I can imagine a LOT of humiliation.  

Love you more than my concealer,

Meredy xo


  1. oh no, I feel for you! Surely, they all saw the funny side of it though!!!? As I have done all this several times now (including my fair share of toe curling moments of shame) I am more than happy to help out with anything I can!!! Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!! xx

  2. I'm so glad you committed this one to "paper"!! I laughed, hard, out loud, again!!!! xx

  3. Meredy, this is my first time commenting on your blog, although I read it all the time, but you my friend are truly hilarious, I can even hear you saying it, I laughed so hard, thank you for sharing {I seriously can't stop smiling} xx

  4. dear sweet mother of pearl, girl! Too funny.

  5. icarumba girl!!! I am praying for you already - I will be sure to include a request for clear communication! XXXXX hugs...

  6. bless your husbands cotton socks, I am sure it took great restraint, although I am sure it would have lightened the atmosphere if they had all rolled around laughing (at you of course!) am sure they will get used to you ;-)

  7. ha ha ha I would have said the same and never have realised the 'other' meaning until someone pointed it out to me!! Innocent minds like ours are a rare and beautiful thing - you go girl!!!

  8. Bahahahah. My husband would not have remained quiet and would have had a field day with that comment.
    Luckily yours has more restraint.
    Hee hee!


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