Monday, June 4, 2012

make your home smell like williams-sonoma

Even though I've never been to Williams-Sonoma, I've seen their kitchenware gorgeousness online.
Let's face it, any place that looks like a kitchen set from a Nora Ephron movie is going to smell fabulous right?
It's all in the details.

I found the recipe from my Diversional Therapist {you might call it Pinterest}
Anyhoo, according to a girl who used to work there,  this is what they burn at Williams-Sonoma to make it smell so amazing.

The recipe is:

a small saucepan half-full of water;
a few slices of lemon;
a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary;
a good splash of vanilla extract.

Then simmer and let the magic vapours weave their delicious way through your home.

Please note, if it starts to smell like you've got a leg of lamb burning in the've boiled the pot dry.
Guess how I know this?
This is why you need me in your life.
I stuff up with such monotonous regularity you get to not only benefit from my mistakes, but ultimately feel superior.
This is why my friends love visiting my house.  They go home feeling so much better about their own floors, pile of laundry etc.  It's a service I provide free of charge.
I've even offered to friends that they can drop over a disapproving mother or mother-in-law just to see how much worse things can get.
My friend Sharon's  mum dropped in unannounced to my place one day and Sharon swears following that visit her mum gave her a great big bear hug and told her how amazing she was and "Oh my goodness gracious I thought Meredith and Dave had been burgled.".
I live to serve.

Here are some gorgeous shots of Williams-Sonoma for those of us who don't live in the US and would love to wander through these hallowed aisles.

What's the collective noun for a rainbow collection of Le Crueset?
A Covenant of Casseroles?
{Work with me....rainbows....God's Promise etc}
I love my Le Crueset casserole, but to be honest I'm happy just to have the one.
They are SO heavy.  Washing them up more than a couple of times a week would give you forearms like a Romanian weightlifter.

I know.
Tell me you can't see Diane Keaton or Meryl Streep wandering around here with a French market basket over their arm?

It would only be fitting that when you enter the store at this angle that the Hallelujah chorus from the Messiah would start.
Okay.  I'll admit.  
This is perhaps a tad overdone.
But still.  It's so purty.

Love you more than vanilla beans,

Meredy xo

p.s.  I've tried to comment on a number of blogs recently and I'll type and hit publish and it disappears.  Dave tells me it's part of the google-related virus we have at the moment which is giving us weird search engine results and pop-ups on our screen.  I should be able to communicate via the iPad though.  Apologies for any perceived unfriendliness:)  This also means I can't even reply or comment on my own blog from this computer!  Quelle horreur!  I only just worked out how to do that too.


  1. Love this!! Promise I don't visit for any form of self-assurance on the home front!! xx

  2. I've done the same thing before boiling bits and pieces for some fragrance and the house in end smelling like burnt pot!!

  3. Can't wait to try this! :) Thanks!

  4. I shall practise this in advance of your visit in case there are other Hidden Pitfalls.

  5. "Guess how I know this? This is why you need me in your life."

    Yes, but not for the reason you think!

    It's because I would do exactly.the.same.thing.

    There's solidarity in numbers. Plus you made me laugh and laugh. xo

  6. I Love You.
    For all the above reasons.
    You live to SERVE!
    (and you do it so WELL)

  7. just as a follow-up...I have been playing hookey all week and spent Monday afternoon cooking. Whipped up a big old fruit salad, including sliced mango and dressed with the juice of a couple of fresh limes.

    Took a big bit of mango peel, the squeezed limes, a couple of big wands of rosemary from the front yard, and simmered it up all afternoon. NOT ONLY did I not burn the house down, it actually smelled rather wonderful.

    Thanks for the tip, sis! xo

  8. I've been to Williams Sonoma and just loved the smell. I asked them what it was and they just said this and that. So i tried to re create it, but failed. Thanks so much for this.


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