Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Planning Christmas.
Writing lists....checking them twice:)
Drinking coffee out of a new mug given to me by Cathy.
It'll be my motto for the month ahead.

On the countdown until school finishes. Yipee!

Planning holiday activities that will be fun, cheap and cheerful.....

painting the cubby house,
pool parties,
outdoor movie nights,
chalk paint drawings on the driveway,
a few museums,
making fruit granitas

Love you more than a mango smoothie,

Meredy xo

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

the wool classing table

Every May school holidays from the time I was in primary school, until I left home, we spent at a farm.
These were not the organic, free-range, every one wearing Hunter gumboots type of farms.
They were hard core.

We stayed in shearer's quarters.
With huge wood-heated Aga stoves, sometimes wood-chip water heaters and long drop toilets.
Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you need to go to the bathroom at 3am and it's 50 metres between your bed and the spider-infested long drop toilet.

I would share a bedroom with two of my boy cousins.
I remember one year we sang "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode for the entire holiday and drove everyone bonkers.  We eventually worked our way through the entire compilation of "1982 With A Bullet".  Gotta give credit to an album that features Depeche Mode, Barry Manilow and Toni Basil.

Anyhoo, they were the best holidays EVER!
Such great memories.
Of course, somehow I had the presence of mind even at that young age to clock that the wool-classing table in the shearing shed was an object of beauty.

Usually made from timber, sometimes metal, this is the table where the rouseabout throws the pelt from a sheep after it's been shorn, cleans up the edges and from there it is identified as a certain class of wool.
As you can imagine, the timber is soaked in lanolin from years and years of wool being thrown upon it which gives it an amazing patina.

Isn't it gorgeous?  The table, I mean;)

Imagine this magnificent table, topped with glass to be used as a huge banquet table.
Wouldn't it be amazing??

I don't know why this popped up into my head tonight.
But there you have it.

Love you more than lanolin,

Meredy xo

Friday, November 25, 2011

friday joy....christmas links

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year.
It just ticks all  my boxes....celebrating Jesus, giving, cooking, family, singing {at the top of my lungs, rather inadvisedly}, gathering together, crafting.

Here are some fun links which I've found this week as I've been preparing a women's ministry event as well as trying to minister to the needs in my own home:)

This is just so wonderful.
I'm already planning this with the Goofballs.
Plastic tubs, ribbon, cut-out wood letters from Bunnings.
Here's how the professionals do it:  {click}

I'm super-duper excited about his one particularly.
It's a free devotional from the amazing Ann Voskamp's blog - A Holy Experience.

So incredibly generous of her and coincidently, just what I needed for this upcoming event.
Can't wait!  I might actually look like I know what I'm doing - woo-hoo!  That hardly EVER happens.

If you love a bit of free Christmas printable action - look no further!

Heaps of printable fun to be had! {click}

Epsom salt as glittery snow!
Who'd have thunk it.
Melissa from The Inspired Room is our sort of woman.
She's fun, she's resourceful and she loves a bit upcycling.

White paper packages tied up with string!
Is this not ease and perfection personified?

How cute it this?
So purty.
I don't have a link for this...but I guess you just cut out the shape and stick it in there.
{that's my approach to most craft...with varied results...you are warned}


What a week!
It has rained and rained and rained in Sydney.
The poor Danish royals have not been treated to Sydney at its shiniest best.  Blech.

It has, however, given me the perfect excuse to use my clothes dryer all week.  
I usually avoid it due to eco-guilt.  
I can't believe how much laundry I've been able to slam through.
On top of which, being the benevolent dictator that I am, I have told the four eldest Goofballs that as far as folding their clothes goes.....it is now UP TO THEM
I am mother, hear me roar!

I now throw it into four separate baskets and put it on the end of their beds.
JD said to me "Um, wow Mum, that only took like, 5 minutes".

I'm such a bonehead, why did I not do this earlier??

I feel like I've been through a re-birthing experience.
If a re-birthing experience means you feel as you've left a claustrophobic, cramped, moist space and can breathe fresh air and taste freedom:)

Love you more than my hair straightener,

Meredy xo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is a deliciously miserable Wednesday

No reason to go out.
Lots of reasons to stay home and nest.
I'm going to start from the bottom {the frat house where the three youngest sleep}, then work my way up.

Bugsy loves these.
If you're looking for a stocking filler or a fun gift under $20, this is fab.
You roll the dice and then make up a story to go along with the images.
You can use one die or all nine.
So good for the littlies who can't read.
Their imagination is wild!  There is usually a grizzly death involved at the end or a major busting where someone gets into BIG trouble.

I'm also planning a Christmas event for church called "How to have a Mary Christmas {in a Martha World}".   It relates back to the story in Luke about Mary and Martha.  In truth, we're called on to be both.  Just trying to encourage a balance I suppose.  It's really interesting researching some of the fun things you can do at Christmas time which help celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.  If you have any fun things to add - I'd love to hear!

I coloured my hair at home yesterday.  For $15!  No more greys - woo-hoo!!  I'm now feeling more equipped to face the world.  I might even go all out and shave my legs next:)

Playlist for the day:

Naive - The Kooks
Buy My Love - Wynter Gordon {possibly predatory song about swapping love for money....oops}
Paradise - Coldplay
Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes with Adam Levine
Moves like Jagger - Maroon 5 with Christina Aguilera

That should get me through the worst of the cleaning.

Hope you have a great day too,
Love you more than my essential oils,

Meredy xo

p.s. had a GREAT cup of coffee this morning.  It really does make all the difference to the day.  For me at least.  If I was more disciplined I'd start with warm water with a slice of lemon, but I keep forgetting!

Monday, November 21, 2011

i'm at the bottom of the ironing basket...

In a manner of speaking.

My beautiful bloggy friend Simone from Bottom of the Ironing Basket asked me to contribute to a series she's been running this month on health and wellness.  It's been very interesting to read how different people define wellbeing.  You'll not be surprised to hear that mine involves coffee and magazines.

If you want to read the whole article, just click here.

I'm surprised how shy Iam about it and when I read my post on her blog I went BRIGHT RED!!

I'm such a weirdo.

Love you more than my lip gloss,

Meredy xo

Sunday, November 20, 2011

christmas crafternoon no.1

This would have to be the easiest Christmas craft we've ever done.

All you need is: 

Styrofoam balls
Christmas cards of your choice -
Perhaps a lovely way to recycle Christmas cards each year.
You could make one at the end of Christmas out of all the cards you've been sent.
Short pins
Ribbon - for hanging decoration
Craft punch - we used a Martha Stewart butterfly punch. 
Basically the only craft punch I have, so I flogged the "new life" analogy to convince them that is was, like, totally, Christmas-y.  They got on board with that.  Phew.

We punched out HEAPS of butterflies.

Then stuck them in to the styrofoam balls with the short pins.


Easiest Christmas craft ever.

Love you more than all of Martha Stewarts craft punches put together,

Meredy xo

Friday, November 18, 2011

friday joy...road trip to costco

I know.
The glamour.
Can you stand it?!

This is what we did last Sunday.
It was {unbelievably} awesome.
The kids kept on saying "Wow, it's like totally American!"
Which is why they LOVE it!
There were litre bottles of Hershey chocolate syrup, 2 kg bags of Hershey kisses, and Dave completely caved and bought a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  
They are kryptonite to me.
I've told him to keep them away.
They are the spawn of the devil!

Sorry friends, this time I have no sordid pick-up line to share with you as I did last time I was at Costco.
I tried not to resent Dave coming along and cramping my style.

This is the part I loved the most.
My completely, utterly FULL pantry.
The relief.  
This represents hours and hours of shopping that I now don't have to do with the two urban terrorists.
It's better than Christmas.

It's been so easy to have this ginormous box of mesclun lettuce mix to just reach in and grab handfuls every night for dinner or in the mornings to put on wraps for the kids lunches.

Gives me more time to work through this pile.
I'm really having to wear my glasses more often now.

This salad with cottage cheese and toasted sesame seeds has been rockin' my world this week. 

As has this Missoni-esque kaftan to wear over my swimmers.
Target...currently on special if you're interested:) 

Wedges are my heels of choice {because we know that I'm far too lazy for spike heels}
So, so happy that these type of shoes are everywhere.
I got these the other day.
You'll be shocked and amazed to hear that I got them from Target.
I promise, I do go to other stores, I just don't get that excited about them I suppose.

Love you more than my industrial size Skippy peanut butter,

Meredy xo

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

push it...

Remember the 80's?
I used to LOVE Salt n' Pepper.
Push It was THE song to dance to in high school.

After watching Something Borrowed a couple of nights ago with Mimi, she's decided we need to perform this dance together.
Um, right.
Who am I to say no to my 15 year old daughter?

So, we started last night.
I was super, super lame.
And embarrassed beyond belief.
{Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibble, wobble jelly on a plate}
I reminded myself of the oldies I used to pity when I was a teenager.
If we get good, we'll perform it to the whole fam on Christmas Day!

I'm tragically bad.
I used to be a good dancer.
What happened?
Time to get my groove back

My friends and I used to know all the moves to this one:

I still LOVE this song.
Ah, memories.
Mama used to groove.

Love you more than house music,

Meredy xo

Sunday, November 13, 2011

comfort and luxury

Yipee - tomorrow is a home day!
I love being in the thrum and steady {if futile} progress of domestic industry.
The fridge and pantry are FULL. 
Can I get an amen?!
No need to dash to the mothership.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean my floors, fold my laundry mountain, read some new books with the littlest two Goofballs and have dinner cooked by 2pm.

These are sitting on my bedside table at the moment:

I've only had time for tantalising glimpses thus far.
Can't wait to crack this open and drink in the decor loveliness.

Hmm, probably my favourite Australian author.
No doubt I'll think of someone else, but at the moment, he's at the tippy top.
For some reason I've never been a Peter Carey or Tim Winton reader.  Perhaps because I'm a lazy reader whose favourite authors until I was in my late twenties were Jilly Cooper, Jane Green and Marian Keyes.
{still love them, don't tell my book club!}.

Luxury in this season of my life is a full day at home which results in clean floors and a sparkling sink.
Luxury is half an hour with a hot tea or coffee and a fresh book.
Luxury is a bed with clean sheets.....forget the thread count.
Luxury is an uninterrupted phone call with a kindred spirit.  
Luxury is time to answer emails and blog hop.
Luxury is......elusive:)

Love you more than a hot bath free of impaling plastic toys,

Meredy xo

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eye Spy

Some happy links:

Just what I need.
If I could just bedazzle the wings, they'd be perfect:)

I'll be back to report:)

It makes me happy.
Isn't God awesome?  
I can't believe He gifted us with so many colours.

She also makes board books for babies.
Too much?
Has she "jumped the shark"?
Perhaps. Please discuss.

Bit on the expensive side, but as far as stationery candy goes....it's AMAZING.

If you happen to live in Sydney, this practically perfect in every way stationery shop is situated in Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches.  Very, very cute website. 

Above and below from Ornamenta 

These little gems keep your coffee hot for HOURS people!
Run, don't walk.
Perfect gift for new parents:)

Hope you're having a great weekend.
Love your funny comments and quick wit...trust me - they're the best thing about my morning routine:)
I'm attempting to answer emails tomorrow....woo-hoo!

Love you more than a frappucino on a hot Sydney day,

Meredy xo

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I know.
It's everywhere, all at once.
Too much of it can be dizzying.
But just the right touch can be.....

This would fall into the too much category methinks.
You couldn't live with it, but it is sort of like decor Prozac.

This is fabulous and oh so understated.
When I grow up and Vegemite is no longer a staple ingredient in our house and on our hands, I would love a scene like this.
I'm wondering where to sit to drink my tea however. 

Ah, the perfect amount.
Also loving the tear-drop printed pillow.

It's a chevron Christmas!

A delightful chevron vignette perhaps?

As long as one isn't given to a touch of wine flu in the mornings, this is just beautiful.

Okay, now we're talking.

Vignette tray - tick!
Coffee table books - tick!
Simple, elegant floral arrangement - tick!
Happy colours - tick!
Chevron - tick!

Love you  more than the latest Ikea catalogue,

Meredy xo



I just couldn't get that orange chevron tray out of my mind as I went about my domestic witchery today.  Wouldn't you know it, it's a DIY project from none other than that omnipresent Martha Stewart.
I have resolved to avoid Martha due to her lack of irony but she is, it would seem, decidedly Unavoidable.
Nixed again!

Here's the link if you want to see for yourself.
{click here....but be strong....remember, she's Not One Of Us...you ARE worthy}

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Where were we?
How was your week?
Did you have some wins?  Did you have a really great cup of coffee or a fabulous cupcake?
I hope you had some great belly laughs.

I've had a great week.
Too busy and far too disorganised.
But full of belly laughs {wibble, wobble jelly on a plate} and lots of encouragement.

Caught up with my bible study girls.
I'm pretty sure we solved the problems of the world over chocolate scones and coffee.

So excited to tell you that I got chatted up at Costco.
I know.  The Glamour.
Sadly, it turned out he was only after me for my industrial size packets of pantry goods.
Striped Tie {as he shall henceforth be known} belonged to a group of business consultant types who were standing around looking important at Costco and he said "Oh my gawd, look at that trolley!"
Embarrassed, I said "Um, I have a large family so you know..um.".
Then Striped Tie said, "How  many children do you have?"
Me: *Gulp*..."Six"
Striped Tie: "Gawd blimey - can I be the seventh?"
I went bright red and found the nearest box of 300 rolls of toilet paper to hide behind.


On a brighter note, a couple of girlfriends and I have decided to do a weekly weigh-in to keep each other accountable and encouraged.
This is so one doesn't disolve into tears of frustration and despair and eat a packet of Tim Tam's as one is wont to do after weighing oneself.
I'm super-duper excited.
I can not stress enough the act of trust that this is....this is the equivalent of the person standing at the bottom of the cliff holding the rope while you're trying to abseil down it with a massive wedgie......and THEN giving you pat on the back and refraining from telling you how they thought there had been a solar eclipse.
I hope you are blessed with similar friends....even if they are not called upon in exactly this manner.

No more of these....my favourite meat pie in the world.

Or these....at The Garage at Leura.
Don't you just love the presentation??
Do you think I could present salad bites in the same manner?
The challenge is ON!

Thanks darling.
I SO appreciate you taking a photo of me stuffing my face and licking my fingers.
This is for the fridge....when I go to reach for the cheese drawer at Arsenic Hour.
{you know...the hours between end of school and beginning of kids bedtime?}

Other overfed things in our house.
The goldfish...not the boys.
Promise, I didn't mean to dress them in matching clothes.
Way weird though.
I have to admit that last week, the three girls went out in various horizontal striped shirts and when we got to the shops, I looked down and realised I was wearing a black and white vertical striped shirt.
We looked like a walking eye test....people were overcome with giddiness as they saw us coming.

I'll have to incorporate a low-fat version of this into my eating plan.
It's wonderful.

Finger lickin' good.

However messy it may be.


The Goofballs are all over Sydney today.
One at cricket {go team!}
Two at dance rehearsals {go spirit fingers!}
Three at home with me {go make yourself scarce!}
Dave is at a rowing regatta providing physio for about 100 fit, lithe teenage girl rowers. {go middle-aged man fantasy!}
Am I insecure?
Absolutely not.
I got chatted up at Costco this week.
My self-esteem is rock solid.
I've still got it.

Love you more than my Spanx,

Meredy xo


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