Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the view from here....

This is the view from my kitchen bench..

Loving this bread....

I ended up painting one of the walls in the kitchen this colour:

It's called "Mud Puddle" by Dulux.
It has the Goofballs and their sticky handprints defeated.
Sadly, the rest of the house walls are white.
But this wall above is my wall of VICTORY!!

My kitchen window.

This is what I pull out from the craft cupboard for the little ones on rainy days.

I'm loving my new leather Country Road bag, bought on eBay for a teensy fraction of the retail price.
It's heavy and sturdy with handles just the right length.
Every time I pick it up, it somehow makes me feel competent and organised, almost as if I know what I'm doing. Almost.
The beginnings of dinner last night. I had no idea what I was doing.
So I took photos and hoped that something would come together.
{The recipe book in the top of the photo is Tessa Kiros' "Twelve" Tuscan Cookbook - it's sublime. Lucy needed a pannacotta recipe for school...as you do. She informs me that "we" will have to make it on Thursday night ready to take to school on Friday morning. I didn't even know what pannacotta was when I was in Year 12, let alone Year 4! Masterchef has a lot to answer for.}

Do you have bone-handled knives?
Bone-handled knives are some of my all-time favourite kitchen utensils.
They were my grandmother's and I use them every single day.
I found some more recently in a drawer and I felt as if I'd won the lottery.

But I also love my East-West knife with a passion bordering on obsession.
Truly. I can't cut up vegetables without it.
I could. But I don't want to.

These are usually circling around me in the kitchen.
The peril of having tiles throughout the house is that a smokin' racing track it doth make.
It's loud. Annoying. Makes me want to through broccoli at them as they zoom past.
But I restrain myself.
Most of the time.

This is as close to quilting as I'm going to get.

I figured if I added garlic and olive oil and started cooking it, something would come together...
It's looking kinda, sorta like a meal....

Added shredded chicken, diced tomato and pasta.
Let's call it Chicken Surprise!

Then add shredded cheese.
This is why I always have diced tomato in the house.
Plus if you put melted cheese over anything, the kids will acknowledge it as an actual meal.
It's proven fact.
Like icing on a cake.

Phew....they ate it.
I love you diced tomato.
The End.

Meredy xo.


  1. Love my bone handled knives. I got a set when we were traveling in England years ago. I display mine in a pretty jar on the counter. And your dinner looks terrific!

  2. Bone handled knives bring back memories of my granny too! And guess what? I was at the Salvos the other day and there was a whole boxed cutlery set of them for sale. $200 mind you, but in their original wooden lined with velvet box! Impressive and a little bit sad that someone had got rid of them!

  3. I 'stole' a couple of my grandmothers from my mothers house. Bone handled knives that is. They rock my world.

    And those wheels in the house? Noise fatigue is not my friend.

  4. So much I can relate to in this post Meredith! We have just painted the walls in the living room white - why did I not think of a shade close to mud? I would name it 'Mother's revenge'! I also have white tiles throughout my house and a long hallway and in a moment of madness I ordered the little guy the cutest racing car ride-on ever from the States (too nice to be used outside!)... this dollar for dollar thing is too much! Bet you are also looking at online stores that ship to Oz! The husband has just found the online Sears tool catalogue - dangerous but could save me from being a Bunnings widow this summer.
    Also the closest thing to quilting quip - yeah me too and if you ever come to our Aldi branch and spot a crazy woman muttering under her breath 'whole, whole, whole' as she lifts up pallets of tinned tomatoes it will probably be me - searching for the diced ones which always sell out first. Can never have enough tins of diced tomatoes in the pantry!

  5. I can't use any other table knife! The blades on new knives are too thick and don't spread or slice properly... I even travel with mine! x

  6. I happen to agree, that melted cheese a meal doth make.

    And I *love* the wall color. So pretty!


  7. Ooh yes, bionehandled knives! My nana had those. I WISH i had some too.
    LOVE these kinds of posts of yours Meredy.
    Always make me SMILE.

  8. Loving that leather handbag!
    Am I the only person who doesn't get bargains on Ebay?

  9. Love tha colour you painted your wall,stunning yet practical..My nana had bone handle cutlery, fond memories of some good home cooked deliciousness are flooding back. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you, its a lovely post!!

  10. Love the bag, love the paint colour Mud Puddle, love the knives (I have some of my mum's) and love the look of Chicken Suprise !!
    Your kitchen is a hive of activity and has warmth and always a foody treat !! XXXX

  11. You look very soignée in your new photo, your tiles are shiny clean and your kitchen corner ultra-tidy. It's almost as though you were an imposter. It's only the deliciously unexpected funnies here and there that make me shoo away my doubts.


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